EverGrow Academy

Daily Schedule

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Monday-Wednesday traditional academic schedule:

(1st – 8th grade)

8:45—9:00 am  DROP OFF
9:00—9:10 am Motivational Gathering with Students & Staff
9:15—9:45 am Mindful Movement (aka quality PE)
9:45—10:45 am  Math
10:45—11:00 am Snack/Recess
11:00 am—12:00 pm Language Arts
12:00—12:40 pm Science
12:40—1:10 pm Lunch
1:10—1:50 pm Social Studies
1:50—2:00 pm End of Day Class Reflections/Clean Up

Monday-Wednesday traditional academic schedule:

(TK – Kindergarten)

8:45—9:00 am  DROP OFF
9:00—9:10 am Morning Motivational with Students & Staff
9:10—9:45 am Music & Movement/Circle Time
9:45—10:15 am  Language Arts
10:15—10:35 am Snack, Potty, & Recess
10:35—11:40 am Math & Science
11:40 am—12:10 pm Lunch
12:10—12:30 pm Story/Quiet Time
12:30—1:15 pm Social Studies/Arts & Crafts
1:15—1:45 pm Learning Centers
1:45—2:00 pm End of Day Class

More About Our Exploratory Thursdays

Our Exploratory Thursdays consist of 5 electives in which every class will take and rotate throughout the day. Each teacher will be instructing one of the specific electives for all of our grade-level classes throughout the entire semester, modifying it to best meet the developmental needs of our students at every grade level. We will teach 5 electives throughout the Fall semester, and will offer a new set of 5 electives for the Spring semester. Elective courses will range from Kids Entrepreneurship, Natural Geographic Explorers, Cultures Around the World, Spanish, Music, Public Speaking/Broadcasting, Nutrition and Wild about Sports, Gardening and Art.

Below is an example of our Fall Thursday schedule:

Exploratory Thursday example schedule:

8:45—9:00 am  DROP OFF
9:00 —9:10 am Morning Motivational Gathering with students & staff
9:10—9:55 am Elective 1 (Wild about Sports PE)
10:00—10:45 am Elective 2 (Music)
10:50—11:35 am Elective 3  (Cultures and Around the World)

*11:40 am—12:25 pm Elective 4 (Spanish)
*11:40 am—12:25 pm Lunch for TK—3rd Grade

*12:25—12:55 pm Lunch for 4th-8th Grade
*12:25—12:55 pm TK through Kinder – Elective 4 (Spanish & Creative Arts/STEM)

1:00—1:45 pm Elective 5 (Drama/Readers Theater)
1:50 —2:00 pm End of Day Class Reflections/Clean Up

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